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Originally Posted by season_of_ages View Post
The new version VVT, would that be as good or better than the DCR VVT?

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I haven't read of any failures of the new design VVT from Mazda that we installed correctly. I don't remember the time frame exactly but I believe the DCR was released before the new VVT was released. I know a handful of guys got on and bought the DCR and to my knowledge none have failed.

I emailed DCR yesterday to see if they still give a credit if we send in a new core. If they do I'll send the one I ordered in and have it "upgraded" just for peace of mind.

If they do not offer the discount I may just run the new Mazda version. Idk if 250 dollars more is justifiable.

Edit. So DCR emailed me back and they no longer offer the credit for new VVT core. If you send in a new core the price is 200. If you elect to have them supply the core its 250.

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