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Default The Official MS6 Suspension Thread

Updated 9/2015! Thank you to @Navy_Mech2; and @phate;!

I've added a few things and did an overhaul of the pic sizes and general formatting. Hope it's easier to read through, now.

I don't care what the "go fast or GTFO" guys say ... 4x4's look gay as hell! And if you put together a good suspension setup, the car gets fun as hell to drive. Fast straight lines are fun, but corners are something entirely better. The ghey Miata guys are onto something. Here's a big list of what we have available for lowering springs, shocks/struts, and coilover kits.

Nearly every product listed on this page was designed for the regular Mazda 6, but happens to fit the MS6. Due to the lighter weight of the regular 6, the spring rates are often disproportional to what the car needs to maintain the factory balance or (more ideally) increase the rear spring rate more than the front. The exceptions to this are the BC Racing coil overs, Fat Cat Motorsports coil overs (because they're completely custom), and the DIY coilovers where you can choose your own rates.

Lowering Springs - Lowering springs are one of the most common car tuning purchases. Lowering springs help minimize brake dive, body roll, rear squatting on acceleration and keep a smooth, comfortable ride. But they're mostly for making the car looks less like a stupid 4x4 and more like the way a car is supposed to look.

Shocks/Struts - Where real suspension performance starts to happen. If you ask Forzda here on MSF, he swears on a simple aftermarket strut/spring combo. Often allows adjustability of damping levels.

Coilover Kits - A simple, easy full coilover system with the spring over the strut. Usually offers much more adjustability than spring/shock setups. Typically offers adjustability of ride height & damping levels. The majority of the coil over kits listed in this thread are very similar to each other, being from the same country and possibly even the same factory. Each have their own variations, but have a look at each before purchasing. The exceptions to this are the Fat Cat Motorsports coil overs and DIY coilovers, since both are based on a Bilstein shock absorber.

Air Ride - With these kits, an air bag is used in lieu of the traditional coil spring. You can adjust ride height at the push of a button.

Sway Bars - Helps limit body roll. Can be adjustable. The thicker the diameter, typically the stiffer they are. Used in the rear can imply more oversteer during cornering.

As a reference, the stock spring rates are 280 lb/in front, and 180 lb/in rear.


AutoEXE Low Down Springs | Drop: 30mm | Part Number: MGS700
Spring Rates: 370/225 lb/in front/rear

A full length height adjustable suspension kit that puts sports performance first with features like a hard setting mono tube damper and linear rate race spring, and an aluminum upper mount with enhanced bush. Without interfering with cooling performance, the newly developed thin ö40 piston reduces friction surface, which decreases friction during damper operation. This has the effect of facilitating uniform handling while simultaneously restricting discomfort. The damping force is adjustable in 12 levels. Overhaul is possible.

Eibach Pro-Kit | Drop: 1.5" front, 1.4" rear | Part Number: 5543.140
Spring Rates: Unknown (advertised as progressive)

The Eibach Pro-kit dramatically improves both a vehicle's performance and appearance. The huge fender-well gap inherent from the factory or the installation of performance wheels and tires can give a vehicle a lifted look. The Pro-Kit is the perfect addition to any vehicle, lowering the fender gap and giving your ride a more attractive, sportier stance. By lowering the car's center of gravity, the Pro-Kit reduces squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with Plus 1 or Plus 2 Size wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro-Kit is the finishing ingredient to a winning recipe for performance.
- Excellent ride quality - comfortable in cruising
- Sportive handling in cornering, resulting in improved performance
- Lowered center of gravity, increased stability
- Enhanced appearance of vehicle
- Million mile warranty

Eibach Sport Line | Drop: 2.0" front, 1.5" rear | Part Number: 4.4355
Spring Rates - Unknown (advertised as progressive)

Created for the extreme enthusiast, who wants that race-car attitude, Eibach Sportline springs are designed for maximum street performance - with the lowest possible drop. Engineered with the same care as Pro-Kit springs, Eibach's Sportline springs achieve legendary handling by aggressively lowering the vehicle's center of gravity with precision-engineered spring rates. The results is a car that handles as well as it looks. Eibach also offers top-quality Alignment Kits to keep proper suspension geometry.
- High Performance Handling
- Lower Center Of Gravity
- Excellent Ride Quality
- Top Quality Craftsmanship
- Million Mile Warranty

H&R Sport Springs | Drop: 1.4" front, 1.3" rear | Part Number: 52611
Spring Rates: 250/210 lb/in Front/Rear

The most popular spring in H&R's line-up, Sport Springs will lower your vehicle an average of 1.5 - 2 inches (depending upon the make and model of your vehicle) for a lower center of gravity, improved handling and a more aggressive appearance. The H&R Sport Springs for the Mazdaspeed 6 will lower your car 1.4 inches in the front and 1.3 inches in the rear. Sport springs feature more control than that of the OE Sport spring, but is still comfortable for daily use. Sport springs are an excellent choice for street and occasional track use.

Tokico Springs | Drop: --, -- | Part Numbers: 5110F-P / 5110R-P (front / rear)
Spring Rates - Unknown

TOKICO Sport Springs are manufactured using only the highest grade materials, and are matched to work in perfect unison with TOKICO performance Shocks. Our sport springs provide your car with improved chassis stability, better cornering, as well as vehicle
appearance. Our innovative spring design means dramatically improved aesthetics and handling, without compromising ride quality.

Depending on the application, TOKICO springs will lower your vehicle between
.75 to 1.75 inches. Since Shocks and Struts control the springs, it is important
to use performance Shocks and Struts when lowering your vehicle.
- Increased corner grip and chassis stability
- Phosphated and powder coated for superior corrosion protection
- Lifetime warranty

Corksport Springs | Drop: ~1.5" Front ~1.6" Rear | Part Number: Ate-3-288-10
Spring Rates - 280/215 lb/in Front/Rear

Give your car the performance appearance and edge you have been looking for with the CorkSport Lowering Springs for the Mazdaspeed 6. By reducing ride height approximately 1.5" in the front and 1.6" in the rear, adding the CorkSport Lowering Springs to your Mazdaspeed 6 will result in a quicker turning response, crisper road feel, a more aggressive appearance, and a firmer spring rate, all while maintaining excellent ride quality.

Designed for and tested on the Mazdaspeed 6
Lower your car by approx. 1.5" front and 1.6" rear for improved handling and less wheel gap
Crafted from high tensile strength spring steel for long lasting quality and performance
OEM finish to ensure lasting durability and rust protection
Backed by CorkSport limited two-year warranty
CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support


Bilstein HD | Part Number: BE5-A256/7/8
Bilstein HD shocks provide improved handling and stability without sacrificing ride comfort. They offer super damping ability that makes them ideal for occasional track use, while maintaining an exceptional street ride.

Bilstein's shock bodies are precision formed through a unique seamless extrusion process. This provides superior strength along with high finish tolerances that are usually associated with surgical instruments. The finished body is then mated with a solid, induction hardened steel chrome plated and polished shaft, machined valving components and highest quality seals. Combined with extreme attention to detail, Bilstein provides you with the closest thing to a hand built shock available today.

This is a complete set of direct replacement shocks for the Mazda 6 or Mazdaspeed 6, suitable for vehicles at stock ride height, or lowered up to 1.5 inches.

Front Left: BE5-A256
Front Right: BE5-A257
Rear: BE5-A258

Note: These can be converted to coilovers, as seen here: MS6 Suspension Data & DIY Bilstein Coilovers

Koni FSD Damper Set | Part Number: 2100-4052
KONI’s latest technology accomplishes the task that has eluded most shock makers until now - great handling + excellent ride quality:
- Taut body motion control
- Excellent ride quality on all road surfaces
- Patented, parallel-valve design
- Pair with Eibach springs for 1-1.5” lowering (not included)
- Gold metallic finish shocks
- Less expensive than electronic systems

Koni Yellow (front) | Part Number: 8041-1305
Koni Yellow (rear) | Part Number: 8041-1306
KONI Sport Shocks (Also known as KONI Yellows) serve sporting drivers with sport shock absorbers that focus on exceptional road holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort. Their characteristics include responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements. They are also externally adjustable, making fine tuning even more easy.

Tokico HP Series | Part Numbers: HU3758 / HU3759 / HE3760 (FL, FR, R)
*Note: These are designed for the regular Mazda6, but some vendors (specifically on eBay) are marketing them for the MS6. They will fit, but the damping may not be ideal for the MS6. Thanks to @KevinK2; for pointing this out.

The famous “Blue Shocks,” TOKICO’s HP Series continues to be the overwhelming choice of performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality.

Not all shocks and struts are created equal. TOKICO Performance shocks have many features that are unique in their design, and the source of their reputation as a premium shock absorber.

The HP Series typifies TOKICO’s damping philosophy and valving flexibility. By minimizing low-speed damping force and greatly increasing damping at medium and high piston speeds, HP shocks and struts optimize tire adhesion, handling precision and ride composure.

The heart of TOKICO’s HP Series is its unique piston design. A multi-stage variable-aperture valve system features precise orifice control, creating the unique flexibility and accuracy of its damping response. The oil lubricant is also specially compounded to resist breakdown and minimize viscosity change as temperatures vary. A superior performance and traction upgrade with virtually no compromise in ride quality, TOKICO’s HP Series shocks and struts are also an ideal upgrade for vehicles with lowering springs and larger, heavier aftermarket wheels.

Benefits of tokico’s aftermarket performance shocks and struts:

Steering response
Cornering ability
Braking ability

Ride quality
Shock and strut longevity

Dive under braking
Squat under acceleration
Pitch during straight-ahead driving
Suspension bottoming

Precision Construction
Pressure Tube is mandrel-drawn twice to ensure precise dimensional tolerances
and concentricity, for excellent sealing and minimal dynamic friction (drag).

Reduced Friction
Teflon™ coated Piston Rod Guide minimizes dynamic friction and extends piston-rod life.

Piston Quality
Piston Rod is hardened, chrome-plated and micro-polished, for smooth operation and
contributing to long seal life.


AutoEXE Sports Tunable Suspension | Drop: -- | Part Number: MGS7900
Spring Rates: 900/336 lb/in Front/Rear

A full length height adjustable suspension kit that puts sports performance first with features like a hard setting mono tube damper and linear rate race spring, and an aluminum upper mount with enhanced bush. Without interfering with cooling performance, the newly developed thin ö40 piston reduces friction surface, which decreases friction during damper operation. This has the effect of facilitating uniform handling while simultaneously restricting discomfort. The damping force is adjustable in 12 levels. Overhaul is possible.

BC Racing BR Series | Drop: -- | Part Number: BC-N-01
Spring Rates: 660/440 lb/in Front/Rear (other rates available upon request)

Ride Height Adjustable: The ride height adjustment ranges from a conservative stance, to being low enough to tuck the tires up into the fender well.

Dampening Adjustable: Dampening adjustment is done by hand on the top of each strut. The 32 levels of the dampening force allows for a very comfortable, smooth ride on the street to a very tight ride which is great for track visits.

BC Racing ER Series | Drop: -- | Part Number: BC-N-01-ER
Spring Rates: Unknown, assumed the same as BR series (other rates available upon request)

ER SeriesOur newest and most advanced model yet is the ER series coilover. It features large external reservoirs front and rear, separate rebound and compression adjustment and a twin piston design. The external reservoirs hold much more oil than the conventional coilover, allowing the coilover to operate for a much longer period of time before overheating. The external reservoirs also house the secondary piston, which allows for the fine tuning of compression. This is the perfect coilover system for the person who wants to fine tune there setup using the separate, 30-way, rebound and compression tuning dials.

- External Reservoir Mono-tube shock design
- 30 levels of damping force adjustment, adjusts both compression and rebound separately
- Twin piston design
- Pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates included (where applicable)
- Adjustable rear camber plates available
- Separate full length height adjustable
- One year warranty
- Rebuildable

H&R Coilover Tunable Suspension | Drop: 1.2"-2.5" front, 1.0"-2.3" rear | Part Number: 29278-6
Dampened and tuned specifically for the all wheel drive MAZDASPEED 6.
Spring Rates: Unknown

H&R Threaded-Body Coil-Over Suspension Kits come directly from engineers who design and develop racing suspensions.

Blueprinted as coil-overs (not just a modified shock body), the H&R units are hand assembled in Germany by H&R Speziafedern under rigid ISO 9001 and German TÜV standards. Strict attention to the function of the complete suspension system is the number one design priority.

Their threaded body means that the outside of the strut or shock tubes are threaded like a bolt. This allows the threaded spring perch to be moved up or down to fine-tune the ride height, optimizing looks and handling.

Equally at home on the street or the track, H&R Coil-Over Suspension Kits provide enhanced performance, improved corner-holding ability and a sleek, aggressive stance for performance driving characteristics without harshness.

The Coil-Over Suspension Kits pictured above represent just a few samples of those available from H&R. Coil-Over Suspension Kits are engineered specifically for each vehicle and may combine different components than those pictured based on the vehicle's design. Coil-Over Suspension Kits can be used for driving in weekend club sport events or lapping the public course at the Nurburgring.

KW Variant 2 | Drop: -- | Part Number: 15275005
Spring Rates: Unknown (Progressive in rear)

The system intended for the experienced driver who requires to not only determine the individual lowering of their vehicle, but adjust the damper setting to fine tune the system to their needs. The adjustable rebound damper allows adjustment of the pitch and roll behavior of the vehicle, adapting it to one‘s own driving preferences.

• Damping technology with individually adjustable rebound
• inox-line stainless steel technology at no additional charge
• Individually height adjustable
• German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters
• High-quality components for long life
• Comprehensive documentation for ease of use
• Infinitely adjustable rebound damping

Yellowspeed Dynamic Pro Coilovers | Drop: -- | Part Number: YS01-MZ-DPS008-10
Spring Rates: Unknown

DYNAMIC PRO SPORT coilovers are designed and developed for all motoring enthusiasts wanting excellent handling without sacrificing comfort. This suspension system features 33-way adjustable dampening settings and full length adjustment to meet every driver’s handling desires. Pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates are included for front and rear on most kits to increase steering response, while aluminum upper mounts with hardened rubber bushings are used on some applications for noise reduction. This suspension system is ideal for daily driving and occasional track use.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is fully test fit and completely road tested to guarantee all our customers perfect performance and comfort.

This suspension system features 33-way dampening force adjustment (compression/ rebound). A wide range of dampening adjustments can be made to provide a variety of responses to different road conditions and to tune the ride feel.
The pillow ball mount with camber plate is included on the front and the rear to offer direct and complete handling response (not available for some applications). For those people who dislike the slight noise caused by the pillow ball, we also offer hardened rubber upper mount for noise reduction and enhancement of ride comfort and handling stability.* The hardened rubber upper mount is optional.

15 month limited warranty on insert
The needle valve piston (material imported from Sweden) is utilized to make the steering more agile and to stabilize the vehicle. A high rigidity 52mm shock body with extra oil capacity enables the cushioning force to have optimal linear change. We use highly reputable seal brand - NOK, whose seals can withstand high temperatures and prevent oil leakage. The piston rod is made from high quality S45C steel and is processed with Thermal Refining and High-frequency Induction Hardening Treatments for rigidity and durability. YELLOW SPEED’s commitment is to ensure safety and to provide high quality products, hence the shock stroke movement has been tested 10 million times on advanced testing equipment; this amount of testing is equal to a vehicle with 5-years of mileage. Each component of the suspension system is rigorously inspected and strictly tested by YELLOW SPEED to avoid any failure. Our commitment to continual driving improvement goes beyond words.

The spring is made from high quality SAE9254 steel for optimal durability and high tensile strength. The spring rate remains unchanged and undeformed even after the spring has been subjected to long term wear and even if compressed or extended.

In addition to the lower bracket, the vehicle ride height can be adjusted by the spring seat as well. The spring seats are made from forged aluminum for durability and rigidity.

Shock body is coated with Electroplating treatment to prevent rust and corrosion.

A steel lower bracket is adopted on most MacPherson struts to increase rigidity for safety (some applications use aluminum lower brackets) , while a forged aluminum lower bracket on Double A Arm struts. The ride height can be adjusted by both lower bracket types without affecting the shock stroke.

Our formula damping oil contains high quality deformer to prevent foaming, and the viscosity remains unchanged under any working temperature conditions to ensure that all internal components perform perfectly.

ISC Adjustable Coilovers | Drop:-- | Part Number: M107B-SC (Street Comfort) / M107B-SS (Street Sport) / M107B-TR (Track/Race)
Spring Rates: 672/336 lb/in Front/Rear

Product Description

The ISC N1 coilover is the optimum suspension tool for improved handling for your street or weekend track car. This product is perfect for someone looking for performance, adjustability (height and dampening) and other quality features.

Our self-manufactured ISC N1 allows us to have top grade quality control, and innovative R&D capabilities due to our in house/ self-made company dynamic. ISC has been present for over 12 years in Asia and Australia, which accomplished drift, road course, street enthusiasts and podiums alike. Over a decade of experience and feedback has allowed the ISC N1 to evolve into what it is today.

SO9001:2000R Certified

ARTC Certified

ISC Suspension warranties its products to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and material for 5 years.

All ISC Suspension products with the exception of Brakes are covered by a limited 5 year warranty that is NON-TRANSFERABLE. The Warranty is limited to the United States and Canada. Professional installation is recommended with all products to avoid the warranty becoming void due to improper handling and or installation. This limited warranty covers Bolt-on components such as bottom mounts, top hats, camber plates, and shock bodies. It also covers shafts and internals such as seals, fluids, pillow ball mounts, and leaking shocks 2 years from the purchase date. Parts and REBUILD labor are covered under the warranty however shipping is not covered.

ISC Suspension Bolt-on Components: Lower Mounts, Locking Collars, Spring Seats, Spring Gaskets, Top Hats/Camber Plates, and hardware such as studs and bolts. All Hard Parts have a 5 year limited warranty.

ISC Suspension Shafts and Internals: Thrust Bearings, Pillow Balls, Jetting Assemblies, Shaft Seals and O-Rings and O-Rings Seals, Piston Shafts, Shock Absorber Internals; Oil and Fluid & Shock Absorber Gas Leaks. All Consumables carry a 2 year limited warranty.

ISC Suspension’s 5 year Limited Warranty does not apply to the following:

1. Any products that are used on public roads, highways, and or government maintained roads or non-motorsport roads or tracks.
2. Any products not purchased through an authorized ISC Suspension dealer. Dealer List can be found here: ISC Suspension Dealers
3. Any products that show abuse, improper installation, or collision.
4. Any products that have been altered in any way.
5. Seized Collars, ISC Suspension recommends using anti-seize on all collars to avoid this.
A warranty claim form can be found on ISC’s website, under the warranty section.

32 Step Damper Adjustable:

Rebound/ Compression adjusted in unison via 32 step adjustment

Pillowball Upper mounts:

For optimal performance Pillowball Upper mounts are a great feature. ISC Coilovers include pillowball upper mounts on all N1’s.

Thrust Bearing Kit:

We will not charge you 50.00- 100.00 to upgrade to a thrust bearing kit, these are a FREE upgrade on all ISC N1’s. This helps eliminate the chance of spring bind; a common side effect of running aftermarket coilovers.

Front Camber Plates:

When your vehicle’s suspension geometry allows (vehicle specific, please check our application guide) all ISC N1’s come with adjustable camber plates standard.

Piston Rod Design:

High rigidity steel piston rods
Meets with race/sport standards
Shafts are valved according to the spring rate you choose. A Shock Dyno is used to ensure quality and consistent results.

Single Cylinder Design:

Larger cylinder and piston design to advance driving stability and dexterity. Mono-Tube damper with high pressure nitrogen
Threaded portion of shaft is powder coated then salt spray coated for optimum street durability- We suggest also using anti seize or other protective products when you install your coilovers for even further protection from the elements if you are exposed to snow and salt.

Sports Spring:

Made from high quality SAE9254 steel
Dyno tested over 500,000 times on compression inspection with less than 5% deformation.
Fully Custom Spring Rates/Valving: Street Comfort, Street/Sport or Track/Race (spring rates vary depending on application, custom spring rates are available). We understand each driver has unique demands are happy to offer you a custom set for your vehicle.

Ride Height Adjustable:

Full length height adjustable- 3 inches or more on most applications
High quality T6061 aluminum alloy used for all adjustment locks to provide a lightweight design that holds spring and vehicle down force

Bound Adjustable with Separate Spring Locks:

Preload is separate from ride height; the lower you go the ride quality stays the same!

Aluminum Brackets:

Made from T6061 aluminum alloy by organic shaping to lighten weight and increase handling performance

ISC Gold or Black anodized surface to help prevent inside corrosion and surface rust

Brake lines and mounting brackets are welded onto the bottom mounts in most applications for an OEM type installation and fitment.

Fat Cat Motorsports Coilovers | Drop: -- | Part Number: N/A
Spring Rates: This is a completely custom setup for your car, based on what you want the car to do, how you drive the car, and what type of driving/racing you do.

Big shout out to @Code Monkey; for doing all the work getting these made. Since they aren't directly listed on FCM's website, here's a link to his thread on them which also contains a link to his ongoing review of them (since I don't know a damn thing about them). Since they're made to your specs, you can go as mild or wild as you want.

Thread: Fat Cat Motorsports coilovers for MS6

Review: Review of Fat Cat Motorsports coilovers (Mazdaspeed6 road racing setup)

Scale Suspension Innovative Series Coilovers
Spring Rates: 672/280 lb/in Front/Rear (Different rates available upon request)

-12 Level adjustable damping
-Exclusive measurement system
-Monotube design
-Molybdenum* rod
-Adjustable ride-height -0.5” to -4.5”
-Separate ride-height and spring pre-load
-Forged aluminium parts
-Anodized & powdercoated finish
-Custom spring rate
-Short cartridge for lower application
-Fully adjustable
-Street or racing use

Sonic Tuning S3 Coilovers
Spring Rates: 672/280 lb/in Front/Rear

• Full length adjustment system on lower mount
• Separate ride hight and pre-load adjustments
• 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy construction: lower mount, top mount, spring seat and locks
• 12 level adjustable damper - adjustable dampers allow fine-tuning of the suspension stiffness to best suit the driving condition.
• SCM440 hardened piston rod: special high strength grade material with extra hardening process effectively improves the chances again deformation, fracture and leakage.
• Special formulated oil - stable and durable high quality oil seal can minimize any suspension failures or oil leaking to increase durability.
• Inner polished seamless steel tube - quality high strength tubes ensure the strength of the struts (cylinders). The micro finished inner surface ensures a precise and smooth action, which can reduce the chances of fluid leakage and prolongs struts endurance.
• Mono tube design ensures quick response and comfort. suspension fluid is separated from high-pressure gas in order to reduce damper failure.
• Advanced formulated rubber parts: effectively increase the endurance and help eliminate abnormal noises.
• Forged aluminum alloy top mount: increases the strength and effectively reduces the weight to provide sensitive driving feedback.
• SAE9254 spring: high strength material formed spring effectively minimizes deformation.

DIY Coilovers made from Bilstein shocks

MS6 Suspension Data & DIY Bilstein Coilovers


AirREX | Drop: -- | Part Number: MA004
Bellow Strut & Sleeve Strut Specs:
- Vehicle Specific Upper Mount*
Every AirREX upper mount is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and then hard anodized. High density polyurethane bushings and/or high performance bearings completes the package to ensure exact fitment and durability. These upper mounts not only simplify installation but also improve ride quality, handling, and help provide maximum drop by replacing the bulky OEM upper mount.

- 12 Clicks Adjustable Damper
A 12-way compression + rebound (together) adjustable damper is standard in every AirREX application. Each damper is matched to the air spring (bellow or sleeve) for the vehicle application and the user can further adjust for performance or comfort by the simple turn of a knob.

- Twist Lock Compression Fitting
Compression fittings are used to ensure a reliable leak free seal when used with 6mm or ¼ inch DOT nylon air tubing.

- Fully Threaded Damper
Each AirREX damper is fully threaded to maximize adjustability similar to that of a coil over. Users can easily adjust for maximum drop or for maximum comfort at driving height by simply loosening the lower lock collar and turning the damper + air spring assembly up or down.

- Vehicle Specific Lower Mount
Every AirREX application includes a vehicle specific lower bracket which is manufacture to exact OEM specification. Every tab or bracket for the hub, spindle, sway bar, brake lines, abs sensor, etc. is present to ensure proper fitment like that of the factory suspension. Some applications will include a high density polyurethane lower mount bushing.

**Note: Bellow Strut Applications: - Double Convoluted Bellow
High durability 2-ply double convoluted air springs help provide both a comfortable ride at driving height and maximum drop when aired out. The size of the bellow is carefully chosen by AirREX engineers for each application to ensure correct spring rate and proper clearance for the vehicle.

**Note: Sleeve Strut Applications: - Rolling Sleeve
High durability rolling sleeves help provide both a comfortable ride at driving height and maximum drop when aired out. Rolling sleeves are much smaller in diameter but provide as much travel as large bellows and are used on application where air spring clearance is minimal. The size and type of rolling sleeve are carefully chosen by AirREX engineers for each application to ensure correct spring rate and proper clearance for the vehicle.

Multi-Link Suspension Specs:
- 12 Clicks Adjustable Damper
A 12-way compression + rebound (together) adjustable damper is standard in every AirREX application. Each damper is matched to the air spring (bellow or sleeve) for the vehicle application and the user can further adjust for performance or comfort by the simple turn of a knob.

- Double Convoluted Bellows or Rolling Sleeves
High durability 2-ply double convoluted air springs or rolling sleeve air springs help provide both a comfortable ride at driving height and maximum drop when aired out. The size of the bellow or rolling sleeve is carefully chosen by AirREX engineers for each application to ensure correct spring rate and proper clearance for the vehicle.

- Vehicle Specific Air spring Mounts
Every AirRex air spring are coupled with top and bottom vehicle specific air spring mounts that fits perfectly onto your vehicle's OEM spring seat without any modification.

- Vehicle Specific Shock Mounts
Every AirREX application includes a vehicle specific mounts which are manufacture to exact OEM specification. All non-transferable hardware such as bump stops collars and washers are included. A high density polyurethane lower mount bushing helps improve handling and ride quality.

- Twist Lock Compression Fitting
Compression fittings are used to ensure a reliable leak free seal when used with 6mm or ¼ inch DOT nylon air tubing.


Whiteline (Rear) | Adjustable: Yes | Part Number: BMR82Z

This Whiteline 24mm 2 point adjustable swaybar = more grip = better handling = outright performance - it's the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make to your vehicle. This Whiteline adjustable sway bar allows its rate to be altered by increasing or reducing the length of the lever arms. This permits the roll stiffness to be tuned for different situations without replacing the entire bar. The stiffer the bar, the more force required to move the left and right wheels relative to each other. This increases the amount of force required to make the body roll.

AutoExe (Rear) | Adjustable: No | Part Number: MGS7650

24mm diameter bar

The spring rate increased by the pipe diameter greater than that of the standard car reduces the roll at the comer. It is not supposed to work as a spring when the right and the left tires go up and down simultaneously during straight-ahead driving, etc. Therefore, worsening of ride quality is minimized.

2007 MS6 - broked & gone
2006 MS6 - less broked
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Discuss Here: The Official MS6 Suspension Thread
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