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Originally Posted by HenryBraxton View Post
Hello, bit of an emergency here. Currently in Germany with a mk1 eunos (we're from the UK, visiting the nurburgring). The clutch is engaging at the floor, and is intermittently failing to disengage even with your foot right into the firewall. I've had a slave cylinder go before and was convinced this was the issue. Took it to a garage who speak no English and they have replaced both the slave and the master cylinder.
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The clutch is still broken. We have some tools with us and we're going to try bleeding it ourselves but I can't see that a garage could fail to bleed it properly. Failing that we're giving up and going home, having only done a lap each, which is a bit of a bummer.

Any thoughts for stuff to check that's a relatively simple fix? We're handy enough to bodge something if we have to.
The master can be notoriously hard to bleed on these cars, so I'd check that and see if you can get a good bleed on it. Also, maybe check the flex line that runs down to the slave? Sometimes they can bulge or leak and not give you enough movement on your clutch fork.

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