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Table of Contents
  1. For Sale/Trade Rules
  2. General Posting Guidelines
  3. Membership Guidelines
  4. Signature Rules
  5. Avatars
  6. V.I.P Member Rules
  7. Warning & Infraction System
  8. Forum Leaders/Usergroups

Forum Rules

For Sale/Trade Rules

A warning to potential scammers:

Don't even think about scamming your fellow members here. We have stop gags in place to deal with you.


  • Due to excessive scamming and problems from low-post users in the past, a minimum of 100 posts is required to sell on MSF. The post count used tgo be higher, so we don't want to hear any complaining about this. There is a REASON for this and its based off data from all of the scammers we have dealt with since opening our doors. It is NOT hard to rack up 100 posts on here. This requirement will NOT be lifted whatsoever.
  • Any VIP member may purchase from existing For Sale threads regardless of post count
  • "For Sale" or "Want To Trade" threads are not allowed until the user has reached 100 posts
  • Want to Buy (WTB) purchasing is OK for sub 100 post members
  • No selling until 100 posts. Period. No exceptions.
  • BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT - SPAM POSTING TO REACH 100 POSTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There's plenty of conversations to participate in that will rack your post count up quickly, without making it obvious spammage!

Should you fail to follow the above standards, the result for each offense can be:
  • 1st Offense - 1 Day BAN
  • 2nd Offense - 7 day BAN
  • 3rd Offense - PERMABAN

It's suggested that you take the offense punishment without bitching because you failed to read & digest these rules.

**For Sale Section Rules**
1. All items listed for sale or trade MUST be shown in one or more photographs in the original posting.
Photographs of items for sale must contain the following:
  • a. The item that is to be sold or traded
  • b. A piece of paper with the owner’s forum username, "MSF.ORG", and current date. These must be HANDWRITTEN signage. Photoshopping or fake signage will result in a minimum 30 day ban.
  • c. A price MUST be posted for all items being sold.

2. All items offered for sale or trade must be photographed while NOT installed on the vehicle, i.e. ready to pack and ship to a buyer

3. All items for sale/trade must be owned by the seller. No selling for anyone else, regardless of their status on MSF

4. ANYONE (Buyer and Seller alike) participating in a transaction MUST be a VIP member of the forum.

5. All participants in a transaction must have their location listed in their profile (City/State).

6. Final sale price for items sold must be updated in OP after a sale occurs.

7. All COBB ACCESSPORTS for sale must contain a picture showing the unit in an unmarried state with proper signage.

8. Vehicles for sale must have photos with proper signage showing the following:
  • a. Actual mileage shown on the gauge cluster
  • b. VIN plate from the driver's door. The text of the VIN must also be posted in the OP so a verification can be conducted and posted as well. SELLER IS REQUIRED TO SUPPLY THIS VERIFICATION THEMSELVES WITH PROOF IT WAS DONE AND NOT MODIFIED!

9. DO NOT GIFT MONEY! DO NOT ASK TO BE PAID AS A GIFT OR ASK BUYER TO COVER PAYPAL FEES. This is in the PayPal TOS and holds true here as well. This is for YOUR protection!


11. *UPDATED 8/2015* - When responding to a WTB thread with a requested item to sell, any VIP member with 100 posts may post that they have the item.
  • If buyer is interested, the seller is responsible for providing the appropriate pictures and signage in the thread before any $ is exchanged, just like in any for sale thread.

12. NO FEELER POSTS – If you post an item, it is for sale or trade and must have proper documentation.

  • UPS, USPS, and FedEx all offer this feature for a very small fee or include it in their standard rates.
  • If you are sending a part, don’t cheap out on the $2 it takes to cover your ass. We cannot help any seller who ships items without this.

14. Multiple F/S threads by the same member made within 2 days of each other are subject to being combined by the mod staff.

15. A F/S thread can be bumped for 60 days, up to once a day. After 60 days, a new thread must be created with at least ONE current photo with signage and new date.


17. When selling electronics (Phones, Tablets, TVs, etc…), the item must be photographed with proper signage while powered on.
  • This allows potential buyers to see that the item for sale is in working condition.


19. DO NOT LIST OR POST ANYTHING THAT IS POTENTIALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (NSFW) This will be an immediate 30 day ban at minimum.

20. When participating in a transaction, please make full use of the iTrader member rating system to leave feedback for each other upon sale completion.

**Prohibited Items**
  • a) Weapons and weapons parts/accessories
  • b) SURE Halo Injector Seals
  • c) SURE Guerrilla/Gorilla Rear Camber Arms
  • d) Any and all items deemed illegal such as drugs, child pornography, imported Cambodian breastmilk, etc.

**RULE ENFORCEMENT** Should you fail to follow the Buy/Sell/Trade rules, the results may be (and are not limited to):
  • 1st Offense: 1 point infraction
  • 2nd Offense: 2 point infraction
  • 3rd Offense: 7 day ban
  • 4th Offense: 1 month ban and subject to permaban.

General Posting Guidelines

Please READ and UNDERSTAND this before registering on MSF.ORG.

We DO NOT accept email addresses from HOTMAIL, AIM OR AOL... We require a legit email address from either your ISP or Gmail. This is to help with server load. thanks..

1.) Please search for a topic before posting a new one. This really isn't hard to do and will keep us from having 40 threads on the same subject.

2.) No posting of porn in areas not designated outside of VIP area.


YOU CAN POST NUDES in the Public Anything Goes Section... just no hardcore porn and shit.. no bestiality or extremely sick/twisted shit... you are smart enough to know what is out of hand. This section is mostly for comedy and straight ownage.

3.) Posting of PG rated stuff will only been done in the Off Topic Lounge/VIP forum. Anything you think can get someone in trouble at work MUST use the NSFW prefix in the thread drop down.! IE:

[NSFW]- OMG, This is Hilarious

4.) The last thing i want to see are people getting in trouble at work and end up terminated. This follows under the " respect " and " Haltech Expectation " rule.
This WILL be a bannable offense, so please be sure that you don't get caught up in it.

If a thread DOES NOT have a NSFW prefix attached to it, do NOT post NSFW content in that thread. Its not the OP or MODs responsibility to change the thread prefix because you want to be funny. This includes large font sizes emphasizing extreme foul language or making something stick out using colors that might easily be seen in the work place when a user unknowingly clicks on a thread that is offensive.

5.) NEWBS and Newbie Treatment. Each one of you were NEW at some point in a car, a platform or here. You will NOT bash, harass, haze, disrespect or be an outright dick to new members on this forum. This especially foes for the new member welcome thread. You will not troll them either.. You will be infracted, then ultimately banned if you continue to do so.

6) Newbies: You are expected to SEARCH prior to posting a topic. We have nearly 1 millions posts here, therefore its probably good odds you will find what you are looking for when you search the forum first. I expect you to search instead of post repeat topics again and again. You will be warned once, then you will get infractions for not following the sites expectations.

MSF is a light moderated forum, HOWEVER, this does not give you any right to troll and bash people for the sake of bashing. The forum has sections and these have a theme behind them. I suggest you use the sections properly. The second i find that you are causing a breakdown in the forums growth, i will remove you from our ocean and stick you in a chum bath full of sharks...

Membership Guidelines

1.) No multiple accounts allowed. One account per user, period. Bannable offense if caught and trust us, we have a system in place that will find them.

2.) Only approved MSF.ORG vendors can have an additional username account.

3.) Under Forum policy Danny will not be represented by nor Endorsed by for The Forums Wars Event. He is subject to being banned for trying to represent and endorse at this event not known by the Admin (Kevin).Acting along side members, his driving ability is subject to horrible failure during this event in which will lose its reputation. Any person wishing to represent at an event such as this must contact the Admin of, and must be choosen by the members of the forum.

Signature Rules

1.) Signatures with pics promoting vendors must meet the following guidelines:
A.) Be An Approved Vendor Image Supplied By The Vendor Which Is Approved By MSF
B.) No more than (2) images in a signature and those (2) images will be horizontally tiled, not vertical.
C.) Must be within the maximum image size of 160X34

2.) Signatures displaying Porn and/or inappropriate pictures that are deemed offensive or not safe for work, are not allowed.

3.) Signatures cannot be more then 4 lines in length.


1.) Avatars of half dressed women, flopping breasts, buttocks displayed in a thong or g-string, prohibited.

2.) Avatars that are deemed offensive to the opposite sex.

3.) Avatars that display gay pride, politics, or defamation images of members.

4.) Avatars that attack the site or offends the site in nature.

5.) Avatars of vendors not approved to conduct MSF.ORG Business.

V.I.P Member Rules

1.) No Posting Of Porn Outside Of Dirty Bastard Club

2.) Nude pics shall be posted on in the Redlight District

3.) No Racism or racial slurs

4.)City Of God is the ONLY non moderated forum here. Use it for this purpose.

5.) Use NSFW tags in posts when something isn't considered SAFE AT WORK!

Warning & Infraction System

Cross Posting from other sites (f/s stuff)
1 point
3 Days

Signature Rule Violation
1 point
7 days

Attacking members
1 point
7 Days

Inappropriate Avatar
2 points
10 Days

Advertising while being a non vendor
1 Month

Inappropriate Conduct
1 week

Inappropriate Post Content (porn, Gore, NSFW content in the wrong section)
20 points
1 month

Groan System spamming
1 week

Insulted Other Member(s) went overboard
1 weeks

Duplicate Account
1 Month

Racism & Racial Slurs
First offense
warning no points

2nd and after
1 point
3 days

Spamming Website

Points and suspension period

5 pts = 1 Day Ban
7 pts = 3 Days Ban
10 pts = 5 Days Ban
15 pts = 7 Days Ban
20 pts = 1 Month Ban
25 pts = Forever Banned and Forgotten

Forum Leaders/Usergroups

III. Color Coded Member Names... What are these?

  • RED = Admins - They run the site of course. We also have developers who are Admin as well.
  • YELLOW = Assist Admin - In charge of forum operations, rule enforcement and resolution.
  • Silver = Super Moderators - They work for the Admin and are in charge of the daily operations of the site & Moderators.
  • Lt.Blue = Moderator ( Moderates Post & Works For Super Mods )
  • Green = V.I.P - People Who Have Donated To The Site & are VALUABLE to our community! - Treat them as if they were an Admin!
  • Brownie - Basic Registered User

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